Participation fee is ¥500 per session.
If you wish to participate in two sessions in a row, such as kickboxing and jujitsu, please add ¥100 to the participation fee.

A registration fee of ¥100 is required for the first class.
The same fee applies to participants from other dojos who wish to practice at our dojo.
If you are a first time participant, please contact us in advance via instagram or LINE.

You can also accept us on facebook messenger.

First time martial arts students are welcome.

We also have a rental do-gi available for 300 yen. Please make use of it. Please contact us at least one day in advance.

*Sports insurance
Adults 1,880 yen (subscription period: 4/1-3/31)
Children 830 yen (subscription period: 4/1-3/31)

Please let us know if you have not yet joined sports insurance for the new year.