What is “DESAFIO”?
Desafio’ means “to challenge” in Portuguese.
We want to be an organization that supports people who want to challenge themselves in the martial arts.
It is also my personal challenge to make martial arts a major sport.
It was named “DESAFIO” with this in mind.

Instructor Introduction

Mitsuru Kobayashi

Paraestra Sapporo
Certified by the Shuto Association as a professional licensee (ring name: Mitsuru Kobayashi)
IBJJF black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

小林 充

Kota Iwaki

Won 7 amateur kick championships
Wins All Japan Amateur Kick Championship

Kohei Tsuji

Daido Juku Hokkaido Tournament Hokkaido Exchange Tournament General Striking Division Winner (2016.2017)
D-spiral (2016.2017.2018.2024) 3 wins, 1 loss / 4 fights
Peter Arts Spirit All-Japan Tournament, 70kg class runner-up (5 rounds of tournament) (2018.12)

Masataka Miyaho

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt